Dan Norris, Web Developer

Web developer southampton, hampshire, UK

Providing Web Design & Development Services Throughout the UK

I’m employed as Senior Front End Web developer at Advantec.
With over 3 years experience in the web design and development industry you can safely say…
I know my stuff.

I specialise as a WordPress developer

I like to think the sky is the limit when it comes to WordPress – I haven’t yet come across something I can’t achieve.



The Entourage Team

Dan has been heavily involved with The Entourage since its launch in 2011 and cannot speak highly enough of his professionalism, knowledge and ability. He was able to bring to life the vision we had for the site, ticking all our boxes regarding functionality and usability for the reader and blogger, as we are a community of writers this was important, it works exactly as we needed it to all round. He has been on hand with any issues or improvements ever since, and along with the hosting he provides for us we have been really happy with the service he’s supplied.

Latest News


Prefix wordpress post url with a slug

Recently I’ve been asked to prefix blog posts with a slug so they can be identified easier within Google Analytics. Unfortuantly this isn’t a setting which can be changed within the admin area as the permalink settings will apply across the board. For example if you navigate to your permalink settings and insert ‘blog’ into...